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This page contains guidelines for using the wiki. Please try to follow these guidelines when contributing to the wiki or using the discussion pages.

Main wiki rules

  • Do not upload or link to illegal or inappropriate files: Including (but not limited to) malware, pirated software, software piracy cracks, source code leaks and pornography.
  • Do not vandalize pages: Do not edit pages and vandalize them in any way.
  • Do not spam or advertise: Do not spam upload a file, spam pages or advertise anything.
  • Do not move or re-direct pages unless absolutely necessary
  • Be neutral and do not provide false or biased information in wiki pages: Everything should be documented neutrally and independently. Please avoid including your own personal opinions in pages. Also, avoid claiming unconfirmed information without proper proof.
  • Try to use professional, proper grammar and spelling: Wiki pages should be written as professionally and properly as possible. Grammar or spelling mistakes or unprofessional sentences in pages might be corrected by other people. Also, avoid using profanity in pages, except when referring to a specific line of a software when needed.
  • Use as high quality images as possible in wiki pages: Images in wiki pages should be in highest possible quality whenever possible. With exceptions of lack of better images or better images being copyrighted; avoid using scaled, compressed, modified or improperly cropped images. Use an uncompressed image format (such as .PNG) instead of compressed formats (like .JPG or .JPEG) whenever possible.

Other rules

  • Do not be offensive, toxic or hateful: Avoid using offensive or hateful words towards a person or to a group and other toxic behaviour in your user pages and the discussion pages. If you have a problem with a specific person, please talk to them about it (in a peaceful manner) elsewhere.
  • Avoid discussing politics or cryptocurrencies anywhere
  • Do not empty talk pages: This includes your own talk page, please do not empty talk pages or edit others' messages.
  • Do not attempt to evade your block if you're blocked from the wiki: This includes using VPNs or other IP addresses to. Doing so will get your account permanently blocked.